Get Silver American Eagle Coins in Your Mailbox
American Silver Eagles

There are many different ways you can begin to accumulate silver. The best way is to visit a local coin dealer to make your silver coin purchases. Apart from that traditional method of buying precious metals, there are a variety of Internet resources available for you to expand your precious metals portfolio. Following are some of the ways I'm getting silver and earning residual income that can be used to buy even more silver.  

OWNx is designed to provide an easy and safe way for people to save in silver, insured and stored at a highly secured, independent non-bank depository located in Delaware. Once you have saved enough for a minimum delivery of at least 20 ounces, you can have your silver delivered to you.

When you set up an automatic saving schedule (e.g weekly, monthly, etc.) with OWNx, each time you save, their Instant Rebate program automatically deposits 20% of the premium to your account in silver. OWNx provides you with your own Silver Rewards link or Share-Code that you can give others when they sign-up to save. Once they do, an amount equivalent to 50% of the premium for their transactions is added to your account in silver each time they save.


MySilverWealth is a small 2x2 matrix program that allows you to earn an UNLIMITED number of Silver American Eagle coins for a one-time cost of $30. Complete one 2x2 matrix (6 people) and your 1 ounce coin will be mailed to you and you will get a free re-entry into the matrix to do it all over again.

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Silver Gold Bull - Your Trusted Bullion Dealer buys and sells gold, silver and platinum bullion rounds, coins, wafers and bars. We are one of the leading precious metals dealers, also specializing in sales of top-rate coins storage accessories like monster boxes and steel pails. Our pure bullion is produced from prestigious mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, US Mint, Austrian Mint, Perth Mint, NTR Metals and more.


With the Silver3x2 matrix, you can earn an unlimited number of beautiful Silver American Eagle coins for a one-time cost of $20. Complete one 3x2 matrix (12 members) and you'll be mailed two 1 oz .999 fine Silver American Eagle Coins and be given a FREE re-entry back in to another 3x2 matrix where you can earn two more coins and do it all over again. There is no limit to the number of Silver American Eagle coins you can earn.


If you have questions about any of the above programs, or if you just want to talk about silver, please give me a call at the below number.

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